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Smart Relays Free library By hardware vendor Zumungo
On/off by HTTP.
On/off by smart phone app.
On and off after selected timeout.
Two Overlay modes. Input status overrides the normal operation in any mode by logical AND and OR
IO mode relay follows the status of an Input
Mono mode normal triggered by a transition at the input.
Mono mode recurring re-trigerred by every transition at the input.
Mono mode kill second trigger negates the action of the first trigger.
Supports “virtual relays” that are physically located on another remote board. Applies to all functions.
Schedules – weekly, daily and hourly up to 3 schedules with up to 6 on/off events per schedule. Absolute time or relative time to sunset and sunrise.
Geo location
Report status of all relays and inputs
MQTT protocol for control and reports
TCP protocol for control and reports
HTTP control and reports (not just on/off but all other functions)
UDP protocol for reports
CallALL feature to locate multiple boards on the same network or recover forgotten IP address.
Own web page for settings
OTA (over the air) updates
Trigger by “1wire” temperature sensors
Up to 20 1wire temperature sensors
Custom temperature trigger levels and hysteresis
JSON API for control and reports of the temperature features
Completely customizable for integration with third party products
Can work stand alone once programmed.
Well documented in English
Stepper Motors Free library By hardware vendor Zumungo
Set direction
Set speed
Set position/destination by number of steps
Memorize up to 100 positions
Copy any current position to memory
Move to any position from memory
Report current direction, speed and position
JSON API control and reports
UDP protocol for reports
Recognize and report errors
Security – password protected controls
Control up to 4 motors with one board
Power saving mode by using the Enable input of the motor driver
OTA (over the air) updates
Call ALL feature to locate multiple boards or recover forgotten IP address of the board
Well documented in English
Designed in the USA
Matrix Keypad + Sensors Free library By hardware vendor Zumungo
Manages matrix keypads 4×3 and 4×4
Recognize and report a key press
Recognize and report combo press of 2 keys
Support for stand alone (not part of the Matrix) buttons.
Support for sensors  on/off.
Memorize up to 100 passwords
Passwords for principals and staff members with different powers
Staff passwords can be valid only during certain days and hours
TCP protocol for reports
Recognize and report “power button” presses. Power buttons are the ones pressed after successful password authentication.
Reports each successful and unsuccessful transaction.
Blocks operations for certain time (programmable) after 3 unsuccessful attempts to enter a password.
Intuitive (by timing) password entry recognition doesn’t need entering special symbols as password delimiters.
Supports battery powered boards, monitors the battery and reports low battery condition.
Red/green LED lights provide a feedback to user.
Own web page for settings, passwords and reports
Can control up to three digital outputs upon successful entry of a password (for door/gate opening for example or for panic alarm for three unsuccessful attempts to enter a password).
Triggers optional panic alarm output after 3 unsuccessful password entry attempts
Easy discovery on the network. Responds to UDP protocol “CallAll” command with essential information about itself.
Supports geo location lat and lon coordinates.
Easy to integrate into third party systems
Well documented in English
Designed in the USA

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  2. Run the installer and get your 6 characters code. It is embedded in the WiFi Network name Zumungo xxxxxx that your device will start. See it on your smart phone, PC or tablet
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