1. Prerequisites. Must have Zumungo Relay firmware running on ESP8266 or ESP32 connected to MQTT. For example MQTT topic is Home/Zumungo/MultiRelay/Input
  2. Take a note of the local IP address of the board. For example
  3. Issue this command over MQTT to the above topic OTA?Name=Screen, URL=www.zumungo.com/wp-content/uploads/firmware/ElegantOTA.bin, pp=test1 pls. Note that www is NOT preceded by http://replace the name of the board and password with real ones, otherwise copy the command exactly as shown
  4. Allow 1-2 minutes for ElegantOTA to install.
  5. Go to (for the example above, real IP address will vary) and confirm that you see the ElegantOTA interface.
  6. Download the latest Zumungo .bin file that you want to install from locations as specified here
  7. Rename the file to end with .bin Example: downloaded file: ProjectR.bin-esp8266 change it to ProjectR.bin
  8. Go back to the ElegantOTA web interface at (for the example, your IP will be different) and select the bin file that you just renamed.
  9. This works for Relay firmware (ProjectR and ProjectR1) for ESP8266 and ESP32


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