How to flash Shelly1 over the air with Zumungo firmware without any wires

  1. Connect Shelly1 to power.
  2. Go to WiFi settings in your Smart Phone or Tablet or Computer and connect to WiFi Access point marked as Shelly……..
  3. Go to web address to see Shelly1 GUI
  4. Go to Internet settings and choose “Client” and than choose “Connect to existing WiFi”
  5. Enter the credentials of your home WiFi network

—- all of the above is standard Shelly1 activation procedure. Refer to Shelly1 support if you have any problems. None of it is Zumungo related —–

6. Go to your router and find the DHCP tables. Look for the name Shelly…. and find the IP address of it looks like that (Example only, yours will differ)

7. Go to any computer that is connected to the same local network as your Shelly. Open web browser and enter the line shown below. REPLACE with your real IP obtained (see p.6 above).

REPLACE with your real IP obtained (see p.6 above).

8. After waiting 1 minute go to WiFi settings of your Smart Phone/Tablet/PC and look for Zumungo XXXXXX WiFi Network and connect to it. Password: 123456789

9. Open a browser and go to IP address

10. Select WiFi settings and select your WiFi network and enter the password for your WiFi network.

11. After waiting 1 minute go to the IP address found in p.6 aboveĀ  – (Example only, yours will differ)

12. Go to and purchase Zumungo license. Free trial is available. No credit card required. Keep in mind that Shelly1 has one relay only and one I/O. However Zumungo can use Virtual Relays (on remote boards) and also can assign the pins Rx and Tx (both available at Shelly1) as general I/O pins.

13. Re-boot Shelly1 and enjoy the wealth of features of Zumungo.


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