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It’s easy* as 1-2-3 to get started with Zumungo software (firmware).

1. Click here to download the INSTALLER and flash it into your ESP32, ESP8266 or Arduino board. Read the instructions at the top of the INSTALLER as minor customization of 3 lines is needed to fit your network.

2. Restart your board and go to WiFi settings in your smart phone, laptop, tablet or PC. Find a WiFi network that looks like Zumungo-XXXXXX, where Xs denote 6 character board ID.  Take a note of your 6 characters board ID.

3. Click on the “Buy” tab above. No worries, FREE TRIAL is available. NO CREDIT CARD is required. Pick the product you’re interested and complete the process. Restart your board and you are in business.

Read the documentation about setting up and using our feature rich, extensively tested in the field software.

* Please note ! Zumungo software (also referred to as firmware) needs to be “flashed”/”burned” into the flash memory of one of the boards ESP8266, ESP32 or Arduino. The software for compiling the source code and “burning” it into the boards is called Arduino IDE. It’s free to download https://www.arduino.cc/en/main/software The process of uploading (burning, flashing) the compiled code happens typically over serial (RS232) interface and requires some skills and experience. Some boards have build-in RS232 adapter while other need an external one. The process is well documented by many online sources for each of the above boards. USB to RS232 adapters (if needed) are cheap and widely available.


Special consideration for low memory hardware. 

The above process will not work if your hardware has insufficient memory (1MB or less). Fortunately this happens rarely and on ESP8266 devices only, but it may happen with some cheap hardware such as Sonoff Basic for example. Insufficient memory will not allow so called OTA (over the air) download of the firmware. 

In this case you need to download and flash the binary into your hardware directly. Press the button below to download it.

ESP8266 Relay Software – button here 

ESP8266 Matrix Keypad/Sensor – button here

Once you downloaded the binary file ( .bin) you have to flash it into your hardware. There are several free flashing programs available to download and use. 

After you flash and run your Zumungo software on your hardware you need to set it up using the WiFi AP (Access point) that Zumungo creates. Please refer to Zumungo documentation for details.

Your low memory device will not allow for automated OTA  updates. You need to repeat the process each time a new version of the Zumungo software is available. That’s why we do recommend strongly to avoid cheap low memory devices.

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